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How To Listen To Live Cell Phone Calls Remotely?

One key consideration before you do will be how you can go about ensuring that these devices will indeed be used for work-related purposes. As much as you trust your workers to use their phones responsibly, you'll always have a few employees who you may need to check up on.

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This feature can also have great benefits in the sales sector. For example, you may want to coach a sales rep on how to be more successful by listening in on live sales calls. Because it's so easy to set up, our phone call spying software is an ideal and affordable solution to secretly track and listen to phone calls on your company smartphones as they happen.

Our Call Intercept feature can be useful for personal use too.

Say for example, a scenario where you may need coaching or guidance during, or in the aftermath of a phone call. Perhaps it was an interview done over the phone and you would like an acquaintance with subject matter know-how to listen in to give you pointers.

Call Center Monitoring Software and Systems

Or maybe you are asking someone on a date and feel the need to have a trusted friend chaperone your call to make sure you say the right things. Luckily, cloud telephony systems like ours offer advanced tools to monitor a large number of calls. Two such tools are Speech Analytics and Slack Integration :.

Speech Analytics Speech analytics gives you a ready reckoner on how your agents are performing on calls 15 times faster than manual monitoring. Iy can detect greeting, interruptions, and even sentiment during calls. If a call takes on a negative sentiment, it can alert managers in real time.

Read more about how the Speech Analytics tool can help you here. Cut the slacking Often agents may digress from official duties and spend time chatting online or surfing the Internet for entertainment. By the time a floor manager, who sometimes handles upto agents a day, zeroes in on the slacker valuable minutes are lost. This way, the manager can immediately identify who the slacker is and pull him or her up.

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The Slack Integration tool in cloud telephony is not only a time-saver, it also improves productivity among agents by acting as a deterrent to shirkers. By using the right tools and systems, you can also use call monitoring to help avert crises and improve resolutions in real time. Of course, every business has its own limitations and requirements. Speak to a contact center software provider to get the right tools to help your business today. Call listening not only helps train agents but also translates into customer satisfaction.

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What is call monitoring? Call monitoring can also tell when you need to be less rigid with your metrics. Similarly, you may find an agent has deviated from the script only to ensure a customer is satisfied with the response or a solution. This way, call monitoring can also tell you when it is time for introspection. Better customer service: Whenever customer satisfaction scores are dropping, call monitoring lets you take instant steps to arrest the fall.

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Agent training: You can use recordings of well-handled and poorly-tackled calls as case studies when training contact center agents. You can also intervene during a call if you think it is not going in a positive direction and offer the agent constructive solutions. This instills the kind of confidence in a customer that no paper warranty can. Timely intervention: When a manager is listening in on a call and notices that the agent is unable to solve a problem, he or she can intervene right then and advise the agent on what to do next.

This saves the customer time otherwise spent being on hold while the agent is consulting the manager. It also saves the customer the trouble of calling back at a later time and going through the entire process all over again. How to monitor calls?

You can monitor calls live or via recordings. Neither the agent nor the customer can tell that someone else is privy to their conversation. Whisper: A team leader or manager listening to the call can speak to the agent in private without the customer hearing their conversation.

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This is a one-way uni-directional communication from the manager to the agent, used when the manager feels the need to intervene and give the agent key inputs during the conversation. Use this method when: This method is effective when an agent is stuck mid-call for lack of understanding on how to proceed further or if a conversation gets heated. Snoop: This is a tripartite conversation — the manager or supervisor who has been silently listening in can join the call and communicate with both, the agent and the customer to address the query.

Common Functionality of Call Monitoring Software

Use this method when: This method helps in resolving the issue faster. Customers also end up feeling important when they know a senior has personally intervened and taken interest in their problem. Monitoring historical call recordings Cloud contact centers generally enable call recordings. A low AHT is desirable.