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Play back recorded telephone calls on any Windows or Mac computer and even through the device's in-built speaker. This amazing Bluetooth recording device can even be used as a digital voice recorder too!

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The Smartphone Call Recorder is a convenient and easy-to-use slimline device to wirelessly record both sides of a conversation on any Bluetooth compatible mobile phone for example: iOS and Android smartphones. Simply connect your mobile phone to the Call Recorder through Bluetooth and any calls you make or receive will be recorded very clearly onto the Call Recorders memory.

The device has an in-built recording facility therefore, can capture both sides of the call conversation on its internal memory storage. The Call Recorder is silent in operation and does not emit any background noise during the call. Calls are conducted through the Call Recorder itself, which means the mobile phone that is linked for recording the call can be kept in a pocket during the process. No cables or software is needed to get your telephone recordings from the device and onto a computer.

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With a USB connector housed under a removable cover at the end of the device, simply plug it directly into any computer and it will function as USB flash drive making it super easy to retrieve your call recordings. You can also listen to your recorded calls directly on the device through its in-built speaker or through the supplied earphones! Sound quality is stunning and the Call Recorder supports a digital in-built four 4 GB of memory capable of storing hours of total recordings.

A smart digital readout, play, fast forward, rewind and mode buttons make it a very easy to control in your hand. The battery performance per charge supports:. No special software required.

No technical ability required. The Call Recorder can be connected and used with both computers! Now you can easily capture your mobile phone calls without the other party being aware.

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Obtain the evidence to support allegations of verbal abuse, threats or intimidation. How many times do you wish you had the proof of something that was said to you in a telephone call? Perhaps you made an agreement with another person who is contesting what was said. Whatever your reasons may be, recording your own telephone calls is legal and should be used as a way of providing vital audio evidence to protect your integrity. The Smartphone Call Recorder is a fantastic device and convenient to be carried in your pocket for use anytime.

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  7. You use your mobile phone to call a number or receive a call in the normal manner then place the Call Recorder device against your ear to speak and listen - and the call is recorded onto the device. It is incrediblly simple to setup and use in operation - its an amazing little recording device.

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    Providing the device has Bluetooth capability nearly all do and that includes iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, then you can use this fantastic Call Recorder product. Providing the distance is within standard Bluetooth range of approx 10 meters then call recording will be possible, although it is advised to keep a shorter distance to ensure a strong connection. You can place the Call Recorder in a room or vehicle or in a shirt pocket and use it to record meetings etc.

    Recordings are stored to the device's internal memory and the battery will last approx 12 hours on a single charge. There are no cables or special software needed.


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    You can then access the Record folder in which the call recordings are stored. You can also listen to call recordings on the device itself through the little in-built speaker or connect a pair of earphones. Order before pm on Monday for delivery on Tuesday. Order after pm on Monday for delivery on Wednesday. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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