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If you suspect you are being stalked or monitored, be aware that:. Spyware is a computer software program or hardware device that enables an unauthorized person such as an abuser to secretly monitor and gather information about your computer use. There are many types of computer software programs and hardware devices that can be installed to monitor your computer activities. Spyware is invasive, intrusive, and may put victims in grave danger. Spyware can keep track of every keystroke you type, every software application you use, every website you visit, every chat or instant message you send, every document you open, and everything you print.

Some spyware software gives the person monitoring the ability to freeze, shutdown or restart your computer. Some versions even allow the abuser to remotely turn on your webcam or make your computer talk. Once spyware is installed, it can run in stealth mode and is difficult to detect or uninstall. If the person who installed it has physical access to your computer, he or she can log into the computer with a special password to see all of the computer activity emails sent, documents printed, websites visited, and more since their last log in.

Perpetrators without physical access to your computer can receive reports showing all of your computer activities, including copies of emails and instant messages sent, websites visited, etc.

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This can all occur without the user knowing. Abusers can install spyware on your computer if they have physical or Internet access to your computer.

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Some abusers might hack into your computer from another location via the Internet. Some might send spyware to you as an attached file that automatically installs itself when you open the email. Others may email or instant message a greeting card, computer game, or other ploy to entice you or your children to open an attachment or click on a link. While most spyware is software based a program that can be installed on your computer , there are also some hardware-based spyware devices called keystroke loggers.

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These keylogging devices may appear to be a normal computer part; for example, it can be a special keyboard with keystroke logging capabilities or a small device that connects your keyboard to the computer. Once the keylogger is plugged into your computer, it can record every key typed, capturing all passwords, personal identification numbers PIN , websites visited, and any emails sent.

Even if a computer is being monitored by spyware, there may not be noticeable changes in the way your computer operates i. If you suspect that someone has installed spyware to monitor your activities, talk to a victim advocate before attempting to remove the spyware. Law enforcement or a computer forensics expert may be able to assist you if you want to preserve evidence that may be needed for a criminal investigation.

Unfortunately, detecting spyware on your computer may be difficult.

What Is FlexiSPY's iPhone Monitoring Software?

If a hardware device has been installed, you might see an additional component between the computer and the keyboard cord, or it might be the keyboard or mouse itself. In laptops, hardware device would be installed inside the laptop, through the access panel. Hardware spyware cannot be detected by anti-spyware software. Software spyware typically runs in stealth mode using disguised file names that look legitimate. Sometimes, running anti-spyware software may detect this type of spyware but not all of it.

Trust your instincts and look for patterns. Everything is being recorded.

How to Detect and Remove Spyware from Your iPhone

If you suspect your computer is being monitored, remember that all that you do, including research on spyware and computer monitoring, will be revealed to the abuser. Strategize around the safety concerns that may arise if the abuser thinks that you know and are attempting to remove their control.

If you can, use a safer computer when you look for domestic or sexual violence resources. The spyware will actually record everything you do, including attempts to clear your browsing history. Look for free web-based email accounts, and consider using non-identifying name and account information. Example: bluecat email. Also consider changing passwords to sensitive accounts such as online banks, social media accounts, etc.

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New software or hardware? Beware of gifts from the abuser to you or your children, such as new keyboards, cell phones, or games for the computer as it may contain spyware. How many times have you see someone leave their phone on the table while they run to the restroom, etc.? Our society has become accustomed to almost every new device containing a camera or a microphone and it seems like the Internet of Things is here to stay.

After all, it just takes a couple clicks for someone to tune in….

Part 2: How to Detect Spyware on iPhone?

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